To appreciate that you may never be perfect yet be happy that you get so much right.

To know that you have made a mistake and yet be open to enjoy the sunshine on the path you have taken because it will shine anyway and understanding that regret can never undo what is done.

To understand that sometimes diacomfort is the place that causes introspection so good you have no choice but to make commitments to be better.

To understand that today is not just a chance to be better but to start making every day count by committing EVERY day to start and stop something. Every single day.

To realise that what you are doing, where you are , with who you are with and what you have is a very good portion of your journey and to fight the urge to want to be elsewhere doing what elseones are doing.

To find your own reasons for doing things that will warm your heart more than any well done can ever do and so not always need validation.

To have the courage to walk away from things that drain your energy because the drama is unnecessary.

To honour your purpose more than obligations that do not honour you are meant to be.

To face your fears, hold on tight, stare back until you are ready to open up, interrogate, admit and choose to let go and not be held back anymore

To know that you have so much say over how it will turn out and make use of that in every circumstance

To not accept and live with symptoms but to value wellness, harmony, growth and life so much you are willing to invest into weeding of fears, anxieties and habits that limit all such.

To release what you have always held onto for comfort and step out to the possibility of being wrong because being wrong is an opportunity to learn better.

To release the burden of always wanting perfect because only so much is in your power and your idea of perfect is not perfect for everyone else involved

To forgive because everyone is entitled to their own mistakes and lessons.

To realise that strife is not at all necessary but you can from that which you despise(insecure admiration)

It will not come naturally but you can and who knows…..you might find pockets of happiness as you go.


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